August 15, 2013

Tonight at The Prime Example
8pm & 10pm
its going to be

Jazz Trombonist
Jazz Drummer
DELFEAYO MARSALIS: Tonight will be a rare opportunity to hear Delfeayo Marsalis in a quartet setting, a smaller and more intimate performance than when he plays with his Uptown Jazz Orchestra. Both are worthy experiences, but I expect that tonight’s set will be as intensly personal and up close with the local fans and music liovers as are all of the Prime Examples Thursday night series. His trombone style is wide ranging, sometimes smooth and melodic and sometimes brassy and hot and I expect a mixture of classic modern Jazz with some homage paid to our local brass band flavor as Delfeayo has never shied away from bringing it home when it comes to working his trombone.

HERLIN RILEY makes a drum set talk. His rhythmic sense is amazing as he seems to effortlessy intertwine down beats, back beats, rolls, riffs, the brightness of cymbals and even African sequences in a way that is seamless. Listening to him is an education in what is possible on a drumset. And he has so much fun doing it that he is infectious and extremely engaging and entertaining.

Boo and I will be there! Hope to see you too. Live music is ….. life… with harmonies and a beat.

Cover charges: $15.00
WWOZ members with card receive a discount.

INFO: or call Julius 504-701-9007

Prime Example Jazz Club
1909 N Broad Av
N.O., La 70119

Article by Lloyd Dennis